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WearBands - Not Your Average Resistance Bands



Imagine transforming every movement you make into a powerhouse workout, without any limitations. Introducing WearBands™, the revolutionary single piece of resistance equipment that seamlessly integrates into any exercise or activity. From elite athletes to everyday fitness enthusiasts, WearBands™ guarantees maximum results by enhancing your routine with unrestricted resistance!

Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional equipment. With WearBands™, your workout is defined by your goals and imagination—not by your gear!

Full Body Base System:
- 3 Lower Body Levels and 2 Upper Body Levels ($99.95) - recommended for everyone
- 5 Lower Body Levels and 2 Upper Body Levels ($119.95) - recommended for athletes
- Discounts included at checkout
- Recommended for ages 10 & up
- Comes in sizes Small, Medium, and Large
- Made for heights 4”10 to 6”9
- Trusted by Olympic athletes, trainers, doctors, and physiotherapists
- Burn 20-25% more calories!
- Offers a resistance training system that allows users to exercise at any pace and in any location
- Developed by a team of top sports trainers and physiotherapists
- Enhances workout effectiveness through time under tension and neuromuscular stimulation
- Multifaceted system provides resistance in a functional and unrestricted manner, unlike traditional
- Safe, affordable, user-friendly, and immediately effective upon use
- Multi-patented (5 patents)
- Better off not using anything if you don't use WearBands!

BEHIND THE BRAND: WearBands was founded by Daniel Schreiber, a former collegiate football player at Duke University. Experienced with a wide array of functional resistance tools, Daniel knew that none of the existing equipment allowed functional training in the purest sense; unencumbered, completely free movement under resistance. Together with a passionate group of sports performance trainers and fitness professionals, WearBands was created to give athletes and everyday fitness consumers the ability to train more effectively under purely functional resistance.

Price: $99.95
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