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Trixsent: Embark on a Journey to more Youthful Skin



Embark on a Journey to more Youthful Skin with Trixsent

How do you pamper and protect your sensitive skin?

For Athena Klee, she spent 10+ years creating her own custom skin care formulas before releasing them to the world as Trixsent!

Get ready to immerse yourself in antioxidants, fade those sunspots, and revel in refined and glowing skin with the naturally luxurious Forever Young Collection from this organic beauty brand.

The Forever Young line includes:
- Vitamin C Serum - Deliver deep moisture to fight the signs of aging
- Vitamin C Eye Cream - Reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness
- Vitamin C Cleanser - Wash away oils while gently soothing
- Vitamin C Cream - Firm, brighten, even, and moisturize in one fell swoop

This Canadian-based skincare company focuses on products that are safe for all skin types and genders (because even guys deserve to have pampered skin).

Starting at $62 - Learn more at

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