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Treatibles - Springtime Pet Must Haves!



As spring approaches, it's essential to be prepared for the seasonal ailments that can affect our beloved furry friends - from allergies to joint discomfort. That's why I'm excited to introduce you to Treatibles and their innovative range of CBD-infused solutions designed to naturally alleviate these issues.

Transdermal Cream ($32):
- Fast-absorbing relief
- Helps manage your pet's achy joints
- Addresses skin irritations including bites and scratches
- Can be used for calming and general comfort by applying a small amount to the tip of your pet’s ear

CBD Hard Chewables ($10+):
- Promotes relaxation and enhances joint function
- Supports the digestive tract and immune system
- Provides comprehensive wellness support for your beloved pets

CBD Soft Chewables ($10+):
- Same benefits of Hard Chewables plus dog approved rich beef flavor
- Ideal for dogs with sensitive teeth

Price: Starting at $10
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