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The Looky Lou

The Looky Lou


Meet your family's new best friend!

The Looky Lou is a cute lion with a mane that spins and rattles that you attach to your camera phone to get your babies and toddlers to smile when you take a picture. The Looky Lou also comes with a book that explains how this shy, nice lion becomes strong and brave when you smile at him. As your child grows, you read Lou's book, and they want to keep smiling at him (your phone) to make him feel brave!
- Mom-owned brand
- Lion character is small enough to attach to any cell phone, the mane spins and rattles to make your child laugh and smile
- Makes photoshoots and selfies much easier
- Parents, siblings, grandparents, and everyone can easily use it and benefit
- Once you own one, you won't know what you ever did without it
- Problem-solver for anyone with an infant or child
- Great for 0-5-year-olds


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