The Home Gym That Fits Under Your Couch



You’ve added squats, deadlifts, burpees, and lunges to your routine, but did you know you're still missing 33% of your workout?

Bring on the lateral exercises and start getting more out of your workouts with the Brrrn Board!

This dynamic fitness tool makes it easy to incorporate lateral exercises in a low-impact way that can deliver big results when it comes to your strength, agility, and balance while also reducing the risk of injury.

Brrrn Board Highlights:
-5-6 ft adjustable board
-Works for all ages and fitness levels
-Helps improve balance, mobility, and endurance through low-impact lateral movement
-Minimizes joint stress when working out
-Crafted with a high quality polymer surface and repurposed wood bumpers
-Non-slip rubber pads keeps the board in place on any surface
-Use on hardwood, carpet, rugs, decks, and more
-Sleek design is easy to store under couches or beds
-Only weighs 31 pounds
-Designed with easy grip handle for convenient carrying
-Subscription available for hundreds of on-demand Brrrn Board workouts

The Brrrn Board is used and loved by people of all ages from children to adults, including Olympic athletes like Apolo Ohno, Joey Mantia, and Haley Skarupa.

Starting at $299 - Learn more at www.thebrrrn.com
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