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Tannenbaum’s Botanical Hot Sauce - Your Next Summer Staple

Tannenbaum’s Botanical Hot Sauce


What condiment goes equally well on a juicy steak as it does ice cream?
Meet Tannenbaum’s Botanical Hot Sauce!
If hot sauce got with your Grandma’s fruit preserves, this would be the baby. Sweet, spicy, and only crafted with real ingredients, you will not be able to resist giving his glazes, sandwiches, pancakes, and more a wholesome twist with a kick.

- Sweet and saucy meets hot and naughty
- Fruit-forward heat pairs with everything
- Crafted with juicy, whole fruits and plenty of love–just like grandma’s fruit preserves
- All natural ingredients
- Vegan
- 4 amazing flavors:
- Blueberry, Sumac, & Cinnamon
- Cranberry, Orange Peel, & Allspice
- Strawberry, Mint, & Basil
- Pineapple, Rosemary, & Turmeric

Grab a bottle or four of Tannenbaum’s and make your summer meals ones to remember.

Price: Starting at $13.99
Learn more at:

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