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Sweetology: Holiday Cookie & Cake Decorating Kits!



Decorating holiday treats is a beloved tradition by many, so Sweetology is making it easier for you and yours to create memories this holiday season!

Home to the DIY Cookie & Cake Decoration Kits, Sweetology will help anyone get in the holiday spirit with their traditional sugar cookies, gingerbread houses, holiday cakes, cake pops, and more. With no baking involved, the kits include everything you’ll need to upgrade your holiday festivities and create fun traditions for years to come! Even better, they provide decorating classes hosted by either a Sweetologist instructor or your crew.

Sweetology Highlights:
- DIY decorating kits
- Choose from cake, cupcakes, cookies, gingerbread houses, & more
- Each kit includes everything you’ll need:
- Freshly baked cake, cookies, gingerbread houses, etc.
- Made from scratch vanilla buttercream frosting
- Professional piping bags & stainless steel decorating tips
- Sugar-pressed decorations
- Assorted sprinkles
- Create bonding experiences with the kids, friends, or office as part of a team-building exercise
- Virtual & in-person decorating classes led by Sweetology or host your own!
- Themed kits are available for every holiday & occasion
- Make your own custom kit!

Looking for a fun way to celebrate the holiday season as a company? Sweetology is offering an early bird special for custom-designed kits. Order decorating kits with your logo for a fun team-building experience this holiday season!

Prices start at $35.99 – Learn more at

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