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supersmile - Zina45 Deluxe Sonic Pulse Electric Toothbrush



Revolutionize your oral care routine with the supersmile Zina45 Deluxe Sonic Pulse Electric Toothbrush! This cutting-edge brush combines advanced technology with premium craftsmanship for optimal cleaning, setting a new standard in home dental care.

- Choose from the colors Rose Gold and Silver
- Only toothbrush with a polishing head for removing stubborn stains and leaving a polished shine at home
- 4 unique cleaning modes:
Ultra Clean mode creates a comprehensive cleaning for teeth and gums
Sensitive Clean mode creates a gentle cleaning for sensitive teeth
Stimu-Gum mode invigorates and stimulates gum tissue for optimal health
Super Shine mode polishes for a brilliant, natural sparkle
- Patented 45 degree angled brush head reaches below the gum line for effective plaque removal
- Toothbrush features five rows of DuPont soft nylon bristles for pro-level cleaning and polishing
- 30-second interval timer ensures thorough cleaning of all mouth areas and alerts when it's time to switch brushing positions
- Automatic 2-minute shut-off timer helps user meet the recommended brushing time
- Ergonomic handle with a patented grip creates optimal control and comfort, preventing hand fatigue
- Touch magnetic charger makes for easy, daily recharging
- Never made with silica, parabens, sulfates (SLS + SLES), charcoal, harsh bleaching agents, known allergens, gluten, BPA, or animal-by products
- supersmile is made in the USA, Kosher, Vegan, clean, and Cruelty-Free
- supersmile products are as seen on QVC

ALL-STAR CUSTOMER REVIEWS: “I love this toothbrush as it really does a great job of cleaning. I saw it on QVC and ordered it. You feel like you just had a cleaning at the dentist. I love it so far.” - moore43

Price: $250 - Learn more at
Affiliates: Amazon + Levanta

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