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Stealth Cycle - Transform Your Cardio Exercise Into A Fun, Fat-Burning Game

Stealth Cycle


Ready to shake up your fitness routine and have fun doing it? Meet Stealth Cycle – your new secret weapon for turning workouts into exhilarating gaming adventures! Picture this: you hop on the Stealth Cycle, connect your phone, choose a game, and pedal away into a world of excitement. It's like stepping into your favorite arcade but with the bonus of getting an awesome workout while you play. Stealth Cycle isn't just about fun – it's about results. With its innovative design and patented Steering Resistance Technology, you're not just burning calories, you're sculpting your entire body while you play!

- Combines upper body resistance with heart-pumping cardio for faster fat-burning
- Place your phone in the holder, pedal, choose a game, and start playing
- Seamlessly connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth
- Mirror games to your TV for an epic fitness adventure
- Dynamic handlebar resistance system acts as a game controller, engaging and toning arms, chest, and shoulders
- Turns your workout into an interactive game, motivating harder effort and better results
- Incinerates calories while having fun
- Gel-infused comfort seat ensures a distraction-free workout
- Portable and easy to store
- Track your progress with the Stealth App (includes 5 free cycle games, available for iOS and Google Play)
- Transforms fitness into fun, encouraging more effort, more sweat, and quicker results
- No handyman? No problem! (Assemble in 10 minutes or less!)

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