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Spot Detergent - Your Budget / Eco-Friendly Laundry Hero At Home & On The Go!

Spot Detergent


Introducing Spot Detergent – your new laundry superhero! These Swedish-made sheets are compact, eco-friendly, and super easy to use. No more lugging around bulky detergent bottles or dealing with messy spills!

Spot Detergent Sheets pack a powerful cleaning punch, tackling even the toughest laundry loads with ease. Whether you're jetting off on a quick getaway or embarking on a long journey, keep Spot Detergent Sheets handy for fresh and clean clothes wherever you are. Plus, if you find yourself without a washing machine, simply use them in the sink – they're that versatile!

Starting at just $8.99 for 60 loads – Spot Detergent is available on, Amazon, and Walmart.

Here's Why They're A Game-Changer:
- Eco-friendly: Say goodbye to plastic waste with our plant-based, plastic-free packaging.
- Easy to use: Just grab a sheet, toss it in the washer, and let it work its magic – no measuring or pouring required!
- Travel-friendly: Compact and convenient, Spot Detergent Sheets are perfect for all your adventures, big or small.
- High quality: Made with top-notch EU ingredients, our sheets deliver superior cleaning performance every time.

How to Use:
- Load your laundry into the washer.
- Grab a Spot Detergent Sheet and add the appropriate number based on your load size (1/2 sheet for medium, 1 for large, 2 for extra-large).
- Toss the sheet(s) into the washer and start the cycle – it's that simple!

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