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SpaLife Beauty Cucumber Eye Patches

SpaLife Beauty


Anti-aging and brightening benefits to remove fine lines and puffiness under your eyes and make you feel refreshed!

- Home eye treatment: Pamper yourself in the comfort of your home.
- Ample supply: Comes with 48 eye pads. 24 rejuvenating eye treatments!
- Natural ingredients: Pre-moistened with real cucumbers, fruits and other natural ingredients
- Hydrating cucumber: Abundant in vitamins and minerals. Rehydrates the skin and evens out your complexion
- Easy to use: Clean face and remove makeup before use. Place a pad over each eye area and relax for 5-15 minutes.
- 48 Pads - With Fruit + Vegetable Extracts - Depuff Eyes + Reduce Dark Circles (Cucumber)

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