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Sothis Pure Beauty - Experience a Hair Care Revolution

Sothis Pure Beauty


Unveiling a revolutionary approach to hair care, Sothis Pure Beauty fuses the purity of nature with the vivacity of Earth's energy.
These products are handcrafted with nature's finest ingredients and charged energetically to provide the utmost healing power available. Experience the synergy of natural ingredients and Earth energy, and let your hair radiate the purity and vitality it deserves.

Product Highlights:
Sothis Black Savage Man:
- Multi-purpose oil for skin, beard and hair nourishment
- Infused with protective obsidian crystal energy
- Offers a clean, manly aroma
Pure Beauty Sample Set:
- Includes the four most popular oils
- Energetically charged and mindfully assembled
- Ideal for sampling the range of products
Miracle Growth Hair Oil:
- A blend of effective natural oils with Clear Crystal Quartz healing energy
- Promotes hair growth, battles dryness and rejuvenates the scalp
- Beneficial for all hair types and conditions

Price: Starting at $19.95 to learn more visit

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