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Smart Glass Jewelry: Sustainable Jewelry Brand With An Ethical Sparkle

Smart Glass Jewelry


Smart Glass Jewelry, a woman-owned company, has dedicated itself to thoughtful sourcing - basically scraps from your favorite beverage bottles are given a matte finish and turned into jewelry pieces that are perfect for gifting.

- All the colors are original to the bottles. 
- They take something you see everyday and shift your perspective on how you see it.
- Each piece of jewelry comes with a gift card that has the bottle key inside which tells you what colors come
from what bottles.
- Aqua is from a Bombay Sapphire bottle
- Cobalt is from a vodka bottle
- Pine is from a red wine bottle
- Antique clear is from a Coca-Cola bottle
- Periwinkle is from a Sake bottle 

Starting at $32 - Learn more at:

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