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Sharkbanz --- the gadget you NEED for any beach getaway!



As your next beach vacations await, the presence of sharks and stingrays in the ocean poses its share of risks. This is where Sharkbanz, a scientifically-proven deterrent, becomes the quintessential accessory for every beach-bound family.

Sharkbanz 2 - This product is designed for the "everyday" beach enthusiast, whether you're snorkeling, surfing, or simply enjoying the waves. As families plan their seaside retreats, gifting a Sharkbanz 2 is more than just a gesture—it’s providing peace of mind for loved ones as they dive into their ocean adventures.

FCS x Sharkbanz POD - Created in partnership with leading Australian based surf brand, FCS, the POD was designed with surfers in mind as it was created to strap to any leash cuff, stash in boardshorts or a wetsuit key pocket.

Product Highlights:
-- Government tested & validated shark deterrent technology which also deters stingrays
-- No batteries or charging required
-- Lightweight and easy to wear
-- Sleek and unobtrusive design
-- TSA and Airline Travel-Friendly, compact and lightweight for easy travel

Real customer review: “Sharkbanz has been a blessing for my family and I. We are truly addicted to the ocean and surfing! Here in Florida, the ‘shark bite capitol of the world’, we know we are never swimming or surfing alone. Wearing a Sharkbanz gives us extra peace of mind when we’re out there doing what we love. I have been letting all my friends know about Sharkbanz too, that way we can all stay safe and keep surfing. I’ve had some close calls with sharks in the water and I can tell the Sharkbanz is definitely working to help keep their distance” - Katie J. 7/10/2023

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