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Sensate - Profound Relaxation Device



***Now available in bundles of 2 or 4 for the whole family or team!***

Whether it’s that moment of panic when you walk in a room or the jittery feeling you get every flight, it’s time you discover the breakthrough tech that’s taking calm to a whole new level around the globe! Meet Sensate. Designed by a pioneering group of experts in the stress management field, Sensate Infrasound Resonance Technology™ is a wearable, palm-sized device and audio app that tones your vagus nerve, so you can naturally self-regulate your stress responses and find your calm.

-Calms the fight, flight, or freeze response
-Improves heart rate variability
-Conditions the body to self-regulate and manage future stresses
-No effort, training, or experience needed
-Takes as little as 10 minutes per day
-Can be used as part of a daily routine, or to calm fears like flying, doctor visits, or as a mid-day recharge and refocus


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