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Salteez: Peel It, Stick It, Lick It!



Meet Salteez–a super easy to use, peel and stick beer salt strip that’s ready to dress up your next tailgate party or holiday bbq!

Place them on any can, bottle, or cup to add a dash of salt or tangy flavor to your favorite libations.

Salteez Highlights:
-Add a burst of flavor to your favorite beer, margarita, cocktail, and more
-Stickers are coated in edible beer salt
-Wrap it vertical, horizontal, or all the way around
-More sanitary than licking salt off the side of your can or bottle
-Portable design is perfect for potlucks, tailgating, bbqs, and more!
-Available in Salt & Lime, Chili Lime, Pickle Salt, and Sweet & Sour Peach

Whether you’re stocking your cocktail cart or stuffing his stocking, reach for the original Salteez!

Starting at $14.95 - Learn more at
Also available on Amazon!

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