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Experience the rejuvenating power of herbs with RE:CHI's wellness tea blends. Rooted in ancient living wisdoms, RE:CHI introduces a holistic approach to wellness, infusing time-honored Eastern philosophies into every sachet of herbs to enhance your modern lifestyle.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), one's Chi \ Qi - or vital energy - must flow freely throughout one's body in order to achieve optimal health.

RE:CHI is based on this self care foundation with tea sachets that feature:
- TCM doctor formulated wellness tonic teas with medicinal properties
- Herbs are carefully selected with medicinal benefits in mind, an important component of Traditional - Chinese Medicine
- Four meticulously crafted teas, each promising a unique path to harmonizing your body, mind and spirit
- All natural ingredients and not lab synthesized “tea leaves”
- Savor the richness of 13 grams per tea bag, five times more than the usual 2 grams

Choose from RE: Energize, RE: Fresh for digestion, RE: Lax for sleep and RE: Store to boost immunity.
In other words, find the chi in everything with RE:CHI

Starting at $19.99

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