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Pocket Tripod by GEOMETRICAL: Ultimate Smartphone Accessory



Meet GEOMETRICAL’s Pocket Tripod – the most functional and practical smartphone accessory on the market.

The Pocket Tripod is a convenient and sturdy wallet-sized phone stand designed for multiple functions and portability. It allows you to take photos & film yourself anywhere, anytime, as well as enjoy videos, social media, and FaceTime hands-free.

This revolutionary accessory delivers the essential features you would expect from a full-size tripod without the added weight and bulk. It was created when founder Rambod Radmard saw a need for an easier way to use smartphones hands-free.

Pocket Tripod Highlights:
- Most functional and practical phone accessory you’ll ever own!
- Fully adjustable to hold your phone in the exact angle you want
- Lets you record stable photos and videos
- Delivers the basic features of a full-size tripod
- Allows you to enjoy Facetime, scroll social media, watch videos, etc. HANDS-FREE
- Ultra-portable – folds down to the thickness of 2 credit cards to fit in your wallet, purse, or even pocket
- Compatible with any phone or case
- Includes interchangeable adapters to fit any size phone/case securely
- Real carbon fiber legs for extra stability
- Works in portrait or landscape orientation
- Legs separate to provide added stability on uneven surfaces
- Every order includes a Grey Fit Card that:
- Measures the thickness of your device to determine which adapter to use
- Helps calibrate your camera’s white balance for the perfect shot
- Lifetime warranty!

With this revolutionary accessory, you can leave your tripods and phone stands at home without worrying about finding a spot to prop up your phone. It’ll even work on sand and snow!

Starting at $35 – Learn more at


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