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Plants for Pet Parents

Plants for Pet Parents


Are you finally ready to transform your space into a lush oasis?
Are your pets a little too curious when you bring a new houseplant home?
Stop worrying and start decorating with Plants for Pet Parents
All of their gorgeous greenery is non-toxic to dogs and cats so you can leave the house confident in your pets’ safety.

Find your next accent with:

-- Air Plants: These fuss-free beauties can be attached to driftwood or hung from the ceiling using one of their many beautiful displays for instant art.
-- Trailing Plants: Whether you drape them across bookcases or hang them as a corner accent, they’re perfect for adding a touch of elegance.
Tabletop Plants - Find your favorite greenery with a wide array of calatheas, hoyas, peperomias, and more.

In addition to beautiful plants, they also offer sustainable home and garden accessories and plant a tree for every order.
Starting at $13 - Learn more at

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