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Introducing PLAITLY's artistically elegant and innovative jewelry collection inspired by the grace of ballet. The Drapery jewelry collection mirrors the fluidity and finesse of a dancer's movement across the stage through a blend of modern design and artisanal craftsmanship.

With an exquisite blend of digital design, 3D printing and hand casting, the collection designed by artist Caroline Quinio embodies a modern reimagining of traditional jewelry-making techniques. Each piece is not just an accessory, but a narrative of ballet's timeless beauty, encapsulated in wearable art.

- Triangle Plié Pendant plated in 18 Karat Gold (Available in 3 different sizes, or in Rhodium and Rose Gold variants)
- En l'Air Statement Earrings plated in 18 Karat Gold (Available in Rhodium and Rose Gold variants)

Made with only high-quality, recycled metals, which reduces the need to mine new precious metals, PLAITLY jewelry is also free of toxins.

A creative twist on layering and the chunky jewelry trend, digital craft meets exquisite jewelry designs for gorgeous, on point accessories.

Starting at $175

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