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PJ's Soaps and Bombs

PJ's Soaps and Bombs


From shower steamers that help runny noses & headaches to ‘oatmeal baths’ that leave your skin extremely hydrated, upgrade your self-care with bath & shower products from PJ’s Soaps & Bombs!

Made by a husband and wife team in their home kitchen, this bath and body brand creates cruelty-free, small batch products using simple ingredients and scintillating scents.

PJ’s Soaps & Bombs products to choose from:
- Shower Steamers: When you don't have time for a lengthy bath, you can still leave your stress at the shower door with these calming essential oil & fragrance fortified steamers.
- Bath Bombs: For a more luxurious soak, let the almond oil, shea, and cocoa butter in these bombs work their magic.
- Soaps: Scrub away your day while transporting your senses to dreamy lavender fields, a tropical bamboo jungle, Autumn forests, and more.
- Oatmeal Bath: Spoil yourself after a stressful day with this ultra-soothing blend of rejuvenating ground oatmeal and goats milk powder.
- Lotions: Finish off your self-care routine with this rich and creamy body butter that's especially hydrating during the dry winter months.

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