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OX SOX - Stink Resistant Socks!



These socks aren't just your average pair; they're engineered to enhance comfort, durability and combat odors like never before. Ox Sox utilizes a special bacteria-resistant fabric, ensuring that your feet stay fresh and comfortable all day long.

Here's what makes Ox Sox stand out:
- Odor free technology: Ox Sox don't just mask odors; they eliminate them at the source
- Performance-focused design: Anti-slip heel, moisture-wicking properties and twice the durability of ordinary socks
- Stink-free guarantee: If customers aren't satisfied with the odor-fighting power of their Ox Sox, they're entitled to a full refund

Ox Sox are ideal for:
- Athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking reliable gear
- Travelers looking for comfort on the move
- Outdoor adventurers in need of durable performance wear

Starting at $17.99

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