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oi Tape™ - Sleep, Made Simple!

oi Tape


Imagine adding a simple step to your routine that ensures a comfortable night’s sleep and transforms how you approach your day. Enter oi Tape™, the meticulously crafted medical-grade mouth tape made in the USA. Designed to revolutionize your breathing habits and enhance your well-being, this innovative tape exceeds all others on the market.

- “oi Tape” stands for optimal intake
- Comfortable, unscented, non-toxic, free from harsh chemicals and parabens, latex-free
- Medical-grade tape is packed in a sterile room, temperature-controlled, and made to be used on the lips
- High quality, made in the USA, and woman-founded
- Reduces snoring after consistent nightly use
- Typically five consecutive days of mouth taping allows for a comfort level that yields results/benefits
- oi Tape™ can increase oxygen absorption by 20%, improving sleep quality
- Curbs nightly teeth grinding eliminates dry mouth and reduces bad breath
- Enhances REM sleep stages, crucial for restoration
- Eliminates dehydration from mouth breathing during sleep
- Improves dental health issues arising from dry mouth
- Counters facial muscle changes and jaw alignment caused by mouth breathing
- Nose breathing can also increase energy in the morning, endurance and strength
- Quality sleep supports heart health (Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the US. In 2023 the American Heart Association concluded that quality sleep is one of only 4 behavioral factors that affect heart health that one can control - along with not smoking, diet, and physical activity).

oi Tape™ Vented and Non-Vented Mouth Tape
- Choose between the vented option, featuring a small vent for moisture control and airflow, or the non-
vented version, providing a wider fit to cover your entire mouth
- Vented tape provides airflow from the central hole for those transitioning to mouth-taping
- Tape without a central hole covers more mouth area, which is ideal for more experienced mouth tapers
- The adhesive used in both models allows for hassle-free removal in the morning, making oi tape™ the ideal
choice for a peaceful night's rest
- Each package includes 30-mouth strips in a convenient re-sealable package, ensuring long-lasting use
- Option to Subscribe & Save for 10% off + free shipping
- BPA-free guarantee and is free from parabens or phthalates
- Crafted from flexible, breathable fabric, providing a comfortable and secure fit throughout the night
- Safely adheres to facial hair, ensuring secure placement

Price: (27.88 + shipping, monthly subscription offers 10 percent discount+ free shipping)
More information can be found below and at
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