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Nautica Smart Eyewear Powered by Lucyd®



The Nautica Powered by Lucyd® Smart Eyewear collection is a partnership that combines the allure of the sea, stunning design, and high-tech features. These sunglasses and prescription glasses feature refined style and upgrades like you won’t believe. Lucyd® was founded by three tech entrepreneurs in 2019. They set out to create the first smart glasses that look and feel just like regular glasses, but with unique features to keep wearers connected to the digital world. Their fresh and functional take on smart eyewear launched into the stratosphere in January of 2024 when they introduced the Nautica Smart Eyewear collection.

Nautica powered by Lucyd Smart Eyewear Highlights:
- Eight brand new styles and branded accessories
- Tech upgrades like superior sound
- Enhanced microphones
- Like all Lucyd frames, offers voice access to ChatGPT, Siri, and Google Voice (depending on connected phone)
- Auto-adjusting titanium flex hinges for a tailored fit and unparalleled comfort, all day long
- Hi-fi Bluetooth 5.2 audio
- 12 hours of music per charge
- 99% post-consumer recycled packaging
- Introduces Lucyd’s first “Global Fit” frame for consumers with a low nose bridge

The Nautica Powered by Lucyd collection is available in eight sunglass styles, and two are available with a blue light-blocking lens for indoor use. When ordering on, consumers can choose from 100+ custom lens types, including Transitions® and readers, with an incredible 6,000+ frame and lens combinations available.
Step aboard the ship to clearer vision and seamless connectivity with these high-tech sunglasses. The future is now -- you’ll love how they look and work!

Starting at $149
Find out more at

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