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Nashville's Whiskey Hound - Tennessee Born Spirits-Based Sauces

Nashville's Whiskey Hound


Heat Up Your Summer Entertaining with Nashville’s Whiskey Hound
From burgers to pulled pork to avocado toast, take your favorite bites to the next level with the spirit-infused products from Nashville’s Whiskey Hound! Nashville’s Whiskey Hound stands apart thanks to their use of locally sourced spirits that imbue an authentic taste to their sauces, rubs, salts, and snacks.

Find your next summer staple with:

- Gift Box - Surprise your spirit and foodie loving friends with a gift they can’t resist! Available in 4 pre-packaged themes: The Chicken Lovers, Heat Seeking Lovers, Bourbon BBQ Sauce Lovers, and Spicy and Salty Lovers.

- 3 Pack BBQ Sauce - Each variety of this tasty trio uses 6 ingredients at most, sourced from local brands including the Nashville Barrel Company, Tuckers Pepper Company, and Bearded Iris Brewery.

- Nashville Hot Hive Chicken Sauce - This cult favorite is the perfect blend of spice, vinegar, and sweetness with a bonus bourbon undertone.

Discover where real whiskey folk get their whiskey food fix with Nashville’s Whiskey Hound.

Starting at $11.99 - Learn more at

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