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MyMedic Goodbye Stitches and Hello to Zzips



Take care of minor cuts without ending up in the dreaded ER, with Zzips!

Zzips are the latest first aid essential available from the experts at My Medic, and are a doctor-recommended alternative to painful and costly stitches.

Simply stick, pull, adjust, and heal!

Zzips Highlights:
Alternative to sutures, staples, surgical glues, and adhesive strips
Closes wounds, cuts, and lacerations
Pain-free application
Less invasive than sutures
Minimizes scarring
Closes wounds within minutes
Compact and portable
Avoid expensive ER visits

Keep Zzips stashed in your first aid kits or car for easy wound closure when you can’t get to the doctor.

Starting at $11.21 - Learn more at
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