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Mosaic the Label Affirmation Card Deck

Mosaic the Label


From stickers, pins, jewelry, totes, and more, the designers at Mosaic the Label are all about wearing your identity on your sleeve. Expressing your identity every day, in all the ways. Mosaic the Label is an online brand founded by a biracial female entrepreneur and mother that strives to empower and uplift other mixed individuals by creating a space for carefully curated products for those who want to find and solidify their place as mixed-race in a world that often asks us to “just pick one”.

An affirmation card deck to help you navigate your identity

Created and designed exclusively in-house, our affirmation card deck features hand-drawn illustrations of hybrid tea roses on one side and an identity-confirming affirmation on the other.

Display a card each day with our wooden stand, included in each set.

45 double-sided affirmation cards
1 wooden stand
Storage box
Exclusive to Mosaic the Label
ShareASale ID# 122181

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