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Lazy Dog Loungers - The Perfect Summer Chill Zone for Pups!

Lazy Dog Loungers


Lazy Dog Loungers was inspired by a dog named Sebastian. He loved the lake and his owners put him on regular pool floats. But those floats got too hot in the sun, weren’t stable, and ripped constantly. His parents and friends created the perfect solution; a dog-centric float! This puncture-resistant, semi-submersible raft keeps dogs cool and comfortable – they can stay next to you in deeper water, safe and able to join in on family fun.

- Manufactured in the USA
- Made with sustainable Eethafoam HRC Polyethylene Foam (Recycled Content).
- Durable fabric and foam resistant to weather, fading and punctures.
- A wide, stable, comfortable base that stays afloat even with the most energetic doggy paddlers.
- A semi-submersible center panel that prevents overheating.
- An easy-access ramp that lets dogs to climb on and off their raft at their own pace, encouraging confidence. They can play independently, with supervision.***
- Available in two sizes and threer colors.
- Lazy Dog Loungers® last for seasons of splashtastic fun!

Price: Starting at $124.99
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