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Keeper's Collective Whipped Body Butter Gift Set

Keeper's Collective


Unearth the beauty secrets mother nature has to offer with The Keepers Collective, a brand that crafts an exquisite range of skincare and beauty products, each handmade with all-natural ingredients and the beneficial byproducts from their own thriving bee colonies.

The Keepers Collective's dedication to sustainability and purity promises not just a pampering experience, but a journey towards radiant, healthier skin.

Whipped Body Butter Gift Set:
- Packed with raw honey, propolis and calendula oil, this luxurious body butter set is crafted to soothe dry patches, fade stretch marks, reduce dark spots, combat inflammation and enhance skin healing
- Comes with three scents for the holidays Brown Sugar Fig, Peppermint Stick, & Vanilla Pear


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