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J&L Naturals Zero Waste Personal Care

J&L Naturals


J&L Naturals offers a more sustainable way to shop with earth-friendly formulas specially crafted using nature's finest oils, butters, and clays.

Choose from face salves, bamboo toothbrush, cleansers, konjac sponge, shampoo bar, hair serum, aluminum free deodorant, beard oil, bio degradable floss, bamboo cotton buds, lip balm and more.

Skip the chemicals and turn your routine into a ritual with their full complexion transforming kit!

Buy items individually or enjoy one of their kits like the:

Exceptional Skin Regimen Kit Highlights:

- Cleanse without stripping your skin of moisture!
- Konjac sponge gently exfoliates for a natural glow
- Face salve moisturizes, prevent blackouts, and nourishes with vitamins
- Face mask helps balance and absorb excess oil
- Lip balm helps heal chapped lips
- Planet-friendly
- Packaged with zero-waste containers
- Chemical-free
- Choose from 5 formulations to fit your skincare needs
- Balance - Helps with oily combination skin
- Calm - For sensitive, acne-prone skin
- Hydrate - Combats dry, flaky skin
- Timeless - For mature, aging skin
- Shine - Reveals glowing, radiant skin

At J&L Naturals, it’s not enough to simply appreciate natural ingredients. That’s why they give back to the natural world by planting a tree for every purchase through their partnership with #TeamTrees.

$51.99 - Learn more at

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