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Innovative Wearable Blanket



Spring trails and summer sunsets are calling. Answer the call while beating those late evening and early morning “brrrrrs” with the help of the Mozy 22 wearable blanket! Fleece-lined on one side and water-resistant on the other, this Jacket for your Legs keeps the weather out and your warmth in so you can stay cozy when heading out for a predawn walk with the pup, late night chat around the campfire, or when traveling.


- Hands-free for seamless mobility
- Weatherproof and lightweight
- Crafted with sleek jacquard patterned nylon
- Increased water repellency
- Flame retardant up to CAL-117 standards
- 4 new color combinations including sapphire blue and sterling silver
- Best for 20℉ - 60℉ climates

Available in two adult sizes and youth

Perfect for BBQ’s, airplanes, concerts, sporting events, camping, and more! Sit, stand, cheer, and play hands-free at all your outdoor events with the Mozy 22!

Starting at $85 - Learn more at
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