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HairStixies: The Hassle-Free Hair Catcher for Your Shower



HairStixies adhere to your shower wall to collect loose hairs. When each sheet is full, simply pull it off using the non-adhesive strip and dispose. It helps prevent clogged drains!
Driven to find a solution for a hair-filled shower wall HairStixies was founded during the Pandemic. It took over two years to research and design HairStixies, which is now patented.

- Each sheet measures 3.5" x 3.5"
- Multiple uses in each pad
- Sheets are transparent and blend in with shower walls
- Simple clean-up and removal
- Prevents clogged drains
- Tracks hair shed over time

How to Install HairStixies:
- Clean and dry the shower wall area where your HairStixies will go, away from the direct spray of the water
- Peel the back sheet off the pad
- Place the sticky back side of the pad on the shower wall; firmly press down on all sides
- Remove top cover sheet to reveal the adhesive layer

How to Use HairStixies: Stick, Grip, Rip:
- Stick any loose hairs on the top HairStixie sheet.
- To remove the top sheet, grip the non-adhesive edge.
- Rip the top sheet to remove. A fresh layer will be ready for next time.
- HairStixies is the ultimate solution for cleaning up loose hair on shower walls. It’ll keep your drain and floor clean!

Price: $14.99
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