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GoSun: The Ultimate Portable Fridge



From tailgating to back to school parties, beat the heat without racking up your electricity bill with GoSun!

GoSun is a solar appliance company that’s bringing the latest in clean solar energy solutions to your day-to-day.

Their Chillest ice chest is the ultimate portable fridge designed to keep your food and drinks ice cold for all your events without needing any drippy bags of ice!

Chillest Highlights:

Never buy ice again!
Keeps food and drinks cold or frozen, dry, and organized
Adjust the temp from -4F to 68F
Charge the battery during the day with the sun to keep food cool without ice
Features a padded pull out handle, integrated bottle opener, gear tie down points, and a gear pocket
Built with all terrain wheels
Full-sized, 45 liter capacity
Runs off 12 volt, lithium battery, solar, or grid power

Looking for ways to stay cool yourself?

The Breeze solar powered fan is your take-it-anywhere solution for instant cooling while you crack open a cold one.

Starting at $79 - Learn more at
Also available at Amazon

Starting at 10%

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