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GoSun: Stay Cool When the Temperature Climbs



From heat waves and brownouts to camping and road trips, GoSun makes it easier to keep your sunny vibes going when the weather turns wacky!

Their portable fans are highly packable, super durable, and can be used with any 12V source like your car, boat, or RV or connected to one of GoSun’s handy solar panels.

Their classic Breeze is perfect for a daily dose of fresh air, while their Breeze Pro weighs half as much and comes with a chargeable battery pack.

Breeze Pro Highlights:
- Highest efficiency rating on the market!
- Running noise is less than 60db
- Adjust any direction with 360-degree vertical tilting head
- Dial up or down the cooling power
- Compatible with any 12V
- Comes with the Power 144 Powerbank
- Go anywhere by purchasing a solar panel!

Starting at $79 - Learn more at
Also available at Amazon

Starting at 10%

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