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Gemini Beauty: Everyday Hydration for Your Skin (created by Gen Z Entrepreneur)

Gemini Beauty


Gemini Beauty Unveils All New Products: Everyday Hydration for Your Skin!

As of June 17th, the beauty-for-a-cause brand Gemini Beauty is rocking a new style thanks to a big rebrand and the release of four new products!

Joann Zehenni has given her packaging a chic new look to match the fresh formulas that will continue to feature natural botanicals and fruits inspired by her Ukrainian and Lebanese heritage. With the new product line-up, you’ll find must-haves for your morning and nighttime skincare routine!

The new product line includes:
----- Matcha & Oat Daily Moisturizer - Put your best face forward daily with this extremely hydrating cream.

----- Morning Dew Serum - Give your skin something to glow about with a skin brightening combo of replenishing peptides and hibiscus.

----- Super Fruit Recovery Night Cream - Apply to your face and neck each evening to lock in moisture and smooth overnight.

----- Barrier Recovery Serum - This skin balancing serum features desert milk and ceramides to help restore the skin barrier without weighing you down.

Gemini Beauty will continue to support Lupus LA as their cause of choice by donating a percentage of the profits to help patients in all stages of Lupus.

Starting at $32 - Learn more at
****Available on ShareASale & Skimlinks as “Gemini Beauty Products” + JCPenny & Thirteen Lune

More Information on Joann:

When Joann Zehenni couldn’t find a solution for her & her family's extremely sensitive skin due to Lupus, she created her own. After years of crafting her own formulations, she decided to release them into the world as Gemini Beauty! Joann Zehenni has created a successful skincare brand dedicated to helping individuals become more comfortable and confident in their own skin. Beginning the brand at 15, she's now a student at Loyola Marymount University in Southern California. She's a full-time student while still running the brand from her dorm room -- with inventory right under her bed!

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