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Gel Blaster Piranha – Newest Water-Resistant Blaster

Gel Blaster


Give the gift of outdoor adventure this holiday season with the Piranha™ – the latest addition to the Gel Blaster® lineup! Its sci-fi design and water-resistant features guarantee excitement for kids and adults during the winter escapades. No need to worry about the water gellets freezing in the snow either! Rain or shine – the Piranha™ is ready for anything.
These next-generation blasters rekindle the joy of your favorite childhood games without the hassle of cleanup thanks to their water-based beads.

Piranha™ Highlights"
- This blaster is water-resistant (not water-proof)
- Fully automatic Gellet® blasting at speeds up to 150 feet per second
- High-capacity hopper holds up to 800 hydrated Gellets®
- Requires AA batteries so you can blast without recharging
- Compact and durable design for dual-wielding excitement
- Built to last, suitable for kids and adults alike
- Small, colorful, water-based beads that break down once blasted
- Gellets won’t mark your clothes or anything they come in contact with!
- Accessory-ready for customization with Gel Blaster® accessories
- Enhance nighttime battles with the glow-in-the-dark Starfire Activator™
- Combine with Portal Smart Target™ for interactive gameplay

Price: $34.99
More blasters starting at just $49.99 - find out more at
Available at Walmart, Target, Amazon, Bass Pro, and more!
Also on Shareasale and Skimlinks.

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