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Foton Candle: Endlessly Customizable Candles

Foton Pearled Candle


Do you have a used candle container that matches your decor perfectly?

Do you wish there was a way to turn your favorite seashells, bowls, or cups into candle holders without ruining them?

Let your imagination influence your ambiance with Foton Pearled Candles!

With its unique patent-pending, pearled wax, you can create any shape or size candle to fit your home or event space. Simply pour the pearls into your favorite container, insert the wick, and light! When it's time for a refresh, all you have to do is remove the wick – no ugly tunneling candles, burned wicks, or dirty wax & soot covered jars.

Foton Pearled Candles Highlights:
- Create a brand new look every time you light a candle
- Reuse your favorite candle holders and tins
- Repurpose items around your house into unique displays
- Natural and clean-burning Foton pearls are made from sustainably sourced, plant-based wax
- Self-extinguishing when tipped over or accidentally left burning
- Pet-friendly!
- All packaging is recyclable
- Available in a multitude of colors & scents, including custom hues
- Vegan

Foton Pearled Candles is a family owned and operated company on a mission to ignite your imagination through safer, more sustainable candles.

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