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FlipBelt --- Hands-free Fitness Accessory



Finally a secure way to keep your personal items with you while you're out and about exercising or simply on the go in everyday life.

Whether you bike, hike, run, or power walk, get exercising outside without worrying about where to stash your house key, phone and even water bottle with FlipBelt!

Their sleek running belts are designed to keep your phone, keys, personal items, and more secure, comfortable, and bounce free while exercising.

Choose from several options, including:

--FlipBelt Classic: The belt that started it all sits snugly on your hips and is crafted with moisture-wicking fabric and multiple pocket openings for quick and easy access.
--FlipBelt Zipper: Discover your favorite accessory for working out and traveling thanks to a secure zippered pocket that can stash a passport or wallet.
--FlipBelt Air: The lightweight and quick drying belt is made of flexible and breathable power mesh material allowing you to carry all of your essential items safely and securely.

Say goodbye to armbands that slip and pouches that ride up, and hello to lightweight, hands-freedom with FlipBelt.

Starting at $34 - Learn more at

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