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Figgi - The Easy, Minimalist Approach to Glowing Skin



As we age, it becomes more challenging to maintain dry and sensitive skin. Stinging, burning, breakouts and dryness can become regular visitors. Oftentimes your skin and mental health are connected and we spend too much time product hopping, spending thousands of dollars on too many serums and quick fixes that leave us asking, “What is wrong with my skin?!”
Figgi provides a minimalist approach to skincare, which involves cutting the number of products in your routine down to the bare essentials that will provide protection and lasting moisture with no harsh ingredients or irritating fragrances.

Figgi Highlights:
- Designed by a fellow sensitive soul with dry skin woes
- Replenish and restore your skin's radiant glow
- Enriched with ceramides, niacinamide, and moisturizing agents
- Enriched with Rooibos extract to help the skin feel soothed
- Perfect pH for soft and smooth skin
- Free from fragrances, essential oils, and exotic extracts

Figgi How To:
Step 1 - Remove makeup, pollutants and oil with step 1 of the double cleanse.
Step 2 - Cleanse remaining traces of dirt and impurities with step 2 of the double cleanse.
Step 3 - Use Figgi’s silky moisturizer that protects against daily stressors.
Step 4 - In the evening after cleansing, use the evening rescue cream to help protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier while soothing dry skin.

Price: $129 - Learn more at:

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