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Edobio: Radiance Booster Mask



Get ready to embark on a skincare journey that aspires to get back to basics with Japan-based global beauty brand Edobio.

They’ve taken Sake Kasu, a traditional fermented food that’s been considered the secret to having fine skin for over 200 years, and found a way to deliver the benefits of this nutritional powerhouse to your skin using their proprietary BiProGE Lactic Acid Bacteria.

This key ingredient works to strengthen the skin barrier, moisturize, and brighten alongside the brand’s other naturally derived, plant-based ingredients.
Radiance Booster Mask:

Combats damage from ultraviolet rays, dirt, pollution, temperature changes, dryness, and blue light
Imbued with mineral-rich Kucha (sea silt) from Okinawa to absorb microscopic pore dirt
Replenishes moisture using lactobacillus fermented sake lees extract
Brightens your complexion

For modern skincare that honors the renewing ingredients of the past, look to Edobio.

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