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Eddie Bauer x Lucyd® Eyewear



Introducing the first Eddie Bauer product with AI capabilities powered by Lucyd! These stylish smart glasses combine innovative design, real-time information, and hands-free convenience. Stay connected to the digital world whether you’re hiking outdoors or walking to an outdoor café.
In 2019, three tech entrepreneurs came together to establish Lucyd®, driven by a vision to revolutionize eyewear. This forward-thinking company just achieved another milestone with the launch of Eddie Bauer x Lucyd®, setting new standards for style and functionality in the smart eyewear market.

- The world's first rimless smartglasses, redefining wearable design boundaries.
- Enhanced audio quality, immersing you deeper into your digital world.
- Easy access to its voice assistant with new touch controls—just double click the right button.
- Eddie Bauer x Lucyd® smartglasses announce battery life with a simple long touch of either button.
- Luxurious finishes and materials, including brushed titanium details.
- A complimentary premium charging dock (a $35 value).
- Packaging made from 99% post-consumer recycled materials.
- Master your device quickly with our 5-language manual, ensuring easy setup and operation in minutes.

Price: Starting at $250 -
15% discount for new customers who subscribe
Other Lucyd products are on Amazon
Affiliates: Share-A-Sale, ID #: 82974 and 20%

Awin, MID: 75314
Commission: 15%

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