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CranioCradle Back and Neck Care



From long days on the laptop to overdoing the workout, life can be a pain in the neck… and back! Now, there’s a simple solution that can relieve aches from your day and/or chronic pain in minutes!

Meet CranioCradle! Designed to feel like therapeutic hands under the body, this device relaxes muscles, relieves aches, pains, headaches and more, while providing deep relaxation.

- Relieves neck and back aches!.
- Works in minutes!
- Replicates the feeling of therapeutic hands!
- Helps ease headaches, migraines, chronic neck and shoulder pain, TMJ, whiplash and low back aches!
- Soothes tight, tense muscles!
- Calms the central nervous system to help with stress relief and ADHD symptoms!
- Portable and lightweight to take on the go!

Created by Barb Richmond, who has over 20 years working in the healthcare field, CranioCradle is designed to nurture the body’s ability to self heal.

Whether you work hard or play hard or both, CranioCradle has your back… and more!

$49.95 -

And available on Amazon!

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