Couchmaster CYBOT - Advance Your Work from Home/Gaming Space



The new Couchmaster CYBOT is a game-changer for all notebook users. Thanks to its special ventilation grill, it ensures optimal cooling of your gaming notebook. Whether settling in for a serious gaming session or catching up on work, the Couchmaster CYBOT offers ultimate comfort and control.

- Ideal for laptop, PC, and gaming console activities from the couch and/or bed, including gaming, working, streaming, and more!
- Allows for long-lasting, comfortable fun
- Supports lower back and neck muscles alleviating common pains
- Side bags for power supply, remotes and accessories, a convenient mouse pocket, and a universal tablet holder complete the user experience
- Made from sustainable materials. Crafted from ethically sourced, fast-growing bamboo, the CYBOT is both light and durable
- Can adjust sitting position individually and easily store away to save space

Starting at $179 - https://us.nerdytec.com/