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Couchmaster CYBOSS - Advance Your Work from Home/Gaming Space



The Couchmaster® CYBOSS offers significantly more space between the two soft, covered and washable cushions. As a result, every single body type can now benefit from a comfortable amount of space under the Couchmaster®. Even the most unusual sitting postures are no longer a hindrance when playing or working from home. It has been specifically designed by gamers for gamers, and continuously perfected to withstand long-lasting and ergonomically intensive gaming sessions and long home office days on the sofa. Postural deformities and back pain are effectively prevented.

- Ideal for laptop, PC, and gaming console activities from the couch and/or bed, including gaming, working, streaming, and more!
- Allows for long-lasting, comfortable fun
- Supports lower back and neck muscles alleviating common pains
- Can adjust sitting position individually and easily store away to save space
- Extra-large surface area is made of sustainable bamboo with greater flexibility.
- Large ventilation grille is embedded in the center of the board, keeping CPUs and GPUs chilled at all
- New alignment of the ventilation grille allows you to customize your personal gaming or working space -
no matter if left- or right-handed - offering the greatest possible comfort to all users.

Starting at $175 -

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