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Cosy House: The Perfect Companion!

Cosy House


Whether you’re enjoying an escape after a long day or curling up to binge-watch that new TV series everyone has been telling you about, our Luxury Weighted Blanket is the perfect companion.

The warm, comforting feeling that the Cosy Weighted Blanket provides is unmatched. Deep-touch pressure stimulation technology created by thousands of tiny glass beads, evenly distributed throughout the fabric, has been scientifically proven to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression while promoting tranquility.

The luxurious softness of our Bamboo Viscose fabric is specially crafted to make your rest both relaxing and comfortable. This material’s natural ventilation means you won’t become overheated beneath the blanket. It’s also hypoallergenic and repels common household non-living allergens which means it stays cleaner for longer—reducing the frequency of washing—all while promoting a healthier rest.

-Reduce Stress & Anxiety
-Revolutionary Softness
-Temperature Regulating
-Extra Security: We include extra security with 8 unique fastening loops, designed to keep your blanket in place beneath the bamboo viscose cover. Once your blanket is fastened, simply close the reinforced zipper, and enjoy!
-Saving the Planet: Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing renewable sources on the planet and uses less water than cotton, making this weighted blanket a great mindful option.

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