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Corico - Olive Boat & Cherry Bowl



Once you try the Corico olive boat and cherry bowl, you'll wonder how you ever hosted parties without them.

Corico's serveware has two-pieces, creating two easy-to-clean sections to hide pits, pistachio shells, even bits of shrimp cocktail shells. Its two-part design is a party host's dream and perfect for summer entertaining.

These clever pieces don't need to be saved for entertaining, either - use them to make snack cleanup easy, too!

- An elegant, attractive solution to unsightly olive and cherry pits
- Two-piece design comes apart for easy cleanup
- Fits all size pits
- Crisp white glaze matches every decor style
- Perfect for small and large gatherings
- Dishwasher safe
- Free shipping when you purchase any 2 or more products

Starting at $30

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