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Cooper's Treats Pupsicle Starter Kit - DIY Dog Treats

Cooper's Treats


Dreading the summer heat? Looking for something to help your dog cool off after a long walk?

Make your pup a frozen pick-me-up with the naturally delicious Pupsicle Starter Kit from Cooper’s Treats!

Made with real meat and only a handful of other wholesome ingredients, all you have to do is add water, pour into the adorable paw and doggie bone mold, and freeze.

-Make your own healthy treats for those scorching summer days!
-Made with real meat
-20 calories per treat
-All ingredients are sourced in the USA
-Made in the USA
-No added sugar, salt, preservatives, color, or artificial flavors
-Comes with one jar of Turkey & Cinnamon Pupsicle Mix, one jar of Beef & Cheddar Pupsicle Mix, and a paw-and-bone shaped silicone ice cube mold
-Available in both regular and grain free!

Starting at $29.99 - Available on:

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