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CMY Cube Color Changing Sensory Cube

CMY Cubes


These seemingly magical color-defying cubes, tetrahedrons, icosahedrons, and more are captivating the world, seeing 1200% growth in the first six months alone. The almost instant success came from a mixture of launching a first-of-its-kind product that is extremely visually appealing and good digital marketing, thanks to Saper's experience in the industry. Shortly after launching, CMY Cubes went viral on TikTok & Reddit, which launched CMY into the market quickly.

-CMY Cubes use primary colors, cyan, magenta and yellow to create the first physical cube for subtractive color mixing
-Each face of the translucent cube is coated in electromagnetically subtractive materials that appear as cyan, magenta or yellow
-Twisting and turning the geometry creates new combinations of colors
-The perfect learning object for art classes
-Great desk accessory to get help brainstorm or focus

$29.95 - Learn more on
Also available on Amazon and soon to be open for ShareASale affiliate connections.

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