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Clearspecs - Don’t Live In The Fog

Clearspecs & Showerspecs


Make the switch. Do your readers fog up every time you cook? Sip a hot drink? Open the dishwasher? Put on a mask? Replace your everyday reader with Clearspecs and see with clarity. Clearspecs are made just like any other high luxe eyewear…with quality materials, but with patented double coated anti-fog lenses. No lens wipes. No anti-fog sprays. No shaving cream. Please? Our readers are smart, stylish, and look good on everyone. Don’t let fogged up lenses slow you down from what’s important. If you use readers, why not wear the pair that never fog up?

Clearspecs Highlights:
- The frames are made from grade A acetate
- Hinges are 5-barrel riveted stainless steel
- Lightweight lenses feature an anti-fog, hydrophobic coating on both sides
- No-fuss, classic shape loved by all
- Comes in three frame colors
- Available in +1.5, +2.0, +2.5 and +3.0

Price: Starting at $85 - learn more at

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