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CE Craft Candles - Daily Burn Collection

CE Craft


You’re fun, quirky, and one-of-kind, so why aren’t your candles?

The next time you need to take a minute for yourself, light it up with the Daily Burn collection of candles from CE Craft.

These all-natural, hand-poured soy wax candles are imbued with unique scents that are a play on pop culture, life’s milestones, holidays, and everything in between.

Dive into a new mindset with:

- Self care Isn’t Selfish: Transport your senses to a day at the spa with this revitalizing blend of crisp green notes, spring flowers, and wild herbs.

- Morning Coffee: This unique blend of sleeping in, a quiet house, and the fresh aroma of your morning joe will have you breathing a sigh of relief.

- Cereal Milk: Unleash your inner child and dive into this juicy scent without the sugar crash later.

The Daily Burn Collection is made up of 37 different scents, for any and all occasion!

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